Tossing Leslie into the Brag Basket

The Brag Basket is our tradition of sharing. The basket is always free and open all weekend, this one May 4-6, 2012. Have some good news this week? Put it in the Brag Basket.

Leslie McLellan
Leslie McLellan is joining us in Tourism Currents! 

This week, I’m proud to use the Brag Basket to announce that Leslie McLellan of Just a Small Town Girl is joining Sheila Scarborough and me in Tourism Currents. Leslie did wonderful things for tourism in Lake Arrowhead, California, on a very small (zero) budget. Her marketing expertise helped her local chamber of commerce, local small business, and many regional events.

By working with Leslie, we’ll be able to offer much more in-person training in social media marketing for small towns, destinations, hospitality businesses and more. Exciting stuff for us! Read more about this over at Tourism Currents.

That’s my brag. Now, time to add yours. Don’t hold back because of that word, “brag.” When you hold back, you hide your good news and accomplishments that might inspire others. Even though I call this the Brag Basket, it’s not really about bragging. It’s about sharing.

What can you do in the Brag Basket?

  • introduce yourself
  • share some great news from this week
  • congratulate a friend
  • laugh about something wonderful that you tried that failed
  • applaud for each other

Speak up and add yourself or another deserving soul in the comments. It lets you meet each other a bit. Reading each others’ stories brings us a bit closer to being a community.

How does it work? You write a comment on this post. We all cheer, and everyone feels great.

This is not an ad. (I delete the ads.) It’s a conversation with friends. So jump in. And remember to cheer for each other.

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  1. says

    Welcome Leslie! I look forward to getting to know you through TourismCurrents.

    This week I purchased a domain and drafted the landing page…two steps closer to launching my new project!