PR Guidelines
This site covers rural or small town business only. I am interested in the stories of real small town business people. How have they succeeded and failed? What problems do they face? What can others learn from them? What business lessons can they share?

Guest Posting and Content:

  • I accept stories from rural or small town authors only.
  • I am not interested in freelance writers looking for guest post opportunities.
  • I am not accepting content contributions or content partnerships except from rural or small town authors.

Press Release, PR and Product Review Preferences:

  • I am interested in small business stories from small towns and rural areas only.
  • I do review books, computers, and other small-business related products, when I see a clear small town connection.

Ads, Affiliate Offers, and Partnerships:

  • I do consider sponsorships for specific projects and events related to small town business.
  • I very, very, very seldom consider any affiliate offers. There must be a rural small business connection.
  • I will not accept any display ads, pay-per-post or link advertising.

We do not accept:

  • I will not consider requests to share or spread any story, infographic or other item for you.
  • I will not consider any offers of integrated marketing help or other services through this form.
  • If you need to send an attachment, use this form to make the initial contact. If it’s of interest, I’ll reply to you to get the attachment. Thanks.

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