Commenting Policy

How do I get my picture to display next to my name? 

  • Sign in using your credentials (or create a new account there for free), and
  • Set up a Gravatar.

What are your guidelines for comments?

  • Use your real name in the name field.
  • That means don’t use your company name in the name field.
  • Don’t link to any site I may consider inappropriate.
  • Do not include any ad in your comments.
  • Hateful personal attacks will be deleted. Period.

Can I advertise my product/service/company at all?

  • The best advertising is a well written, relevant comment that adds to the discussion and includes your own name.
  • You can tell some good news in the Brag Basket. There’s a new one every Friday.

The Bottom Line:

  • We love conversation.
  • Be nice.