The Brag Basket is like bread for your soul

The Brag Basket is our tradition of sharing. The basket is always free and open all weekend, this one September 2-4, 2011.

Retreat 070
A basket full of bread for you, from me. 

Even though I call this the Brag Basket, it’s not really about bragging. It’s about sharing.

What can you do in the Brag Basket?

  • introduce yourself
  • share some great news from this week
  • congratulate a friend
  • laugh about something wonderful that you tried that failed
  • applaud for each other

Don’t hold back because of that word, “brag.” When you hold back, you hide your good news and accomplishments that might inspire others.

Speak up and add yourself or another deserving soul in the comments. We all cheer, and everyone feels great. It lets you meet each other a bit. Reading each others’ stories brings us a bit closer to being a community.

How does it work? You write a comment on this post, email me, or catch me on any social network and share your thought.

This is not an ad. (I delete the ads.) It’s a conversation with friends. So jump in. And remember to cheer for each other.

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  1. says

    I am very proud of a large welded steel Manzanita tree sculpture I completed (with some last minute down to the wire assistance from my generous husband…LOL). It is going to be used as a wedding chuppa primarily. It is my first job in the Carmel, CA area and thought it ended up taking me longer to complete than originally planned, it all came together at the end and turned out exactly how I saw it in my mind’s eye! Hope this generates more work in that area :) :) I so want more artistic sculpture type commissions…..

  2. says

    Actually, I guess I should introduce myself – I am a welder/metal fabricator by trade and also do copper and metal sculpture. My husband and I work together in our metal fabrication businesses and feel extremely fortunate to say we have been able to stay busy and functioning, even in this economy. I enjoy reading the information in your blog here – very helpful.

  3. says

    I’ll like to brag about being on the #smallbizchat today on Twitter. It was a lot of work to prepare for the conversation but it paid off big time because we were able to help readers learn about tools that will help their business.