Brag Basket is full of gifts

Basket of forest gifts by Inga Vitola on Flickr. Taken near the small town of Priekule, Latvia.

Basket of forest gifts by Inga Vitola on Flickr. Taken near the small town of Priekule, Latvia.

The Brag Basket is open! This one is for August 1-3, 2014. Bring your good news to share with everyone.

What can you do in the Brag Basket?

  • introduce yourself
  • share some great news from this week
  • congratulate a friend
  • applaud for each other
  • confess your undying love for rural places

How do you join in?

  • Below this post is the comment section. Add your good news there.
  • If you are reading this by email, just reply to the email with your good news. I’ll add it to the comments.

Don’t like to brag? Just share some good news for yourself or a friend.

Do you have to be from a small town? Well, no, not really.

Just don’t make it an ad. I delete the ads that people stick in here. If you talk more about the people involved than the things, you’ll be fine.

It’s a conversation with friends. So jump in. And remember to cheer for each other.
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  1. Innkeeper Seely says

    I’ve been innkeeping for 15 years now. About 2 years ago I started offering wedding packages as a change of pace and to start a new revenue stream. My elopement packages have become extremely popular ($500 for an over night stay, ceremony, cake, and champagne toast.) I strongly support marriage equity and have performed many same sex marriages. This week we were featured in the Providence Journal in an article on the economic impact of legalizing same sex marriages in RI. [Providence Journal: Wedding market quick to embrace same sex marriages in R.I.]
    The call from the reporter was out of the blue. I am proud of my packages and thrilled to be in the article.

    • says

      Congratulations on the success of the wedding packages and on the unexpected press coverage! Always great to hear from you, and so much fun to see your photo in the news story!