You Just Gotta Ask!

George Johnson

George Johnson

Anyone in business or thinking about going into business has a million questions. At least that was my experience and continue to hear it repeatedly from business owners.

There are so many things that have to be done and so little time to do them. Plus you didn’t start your business to understand the complexities of taxes or to understand the best business structure for your situation or even to know were to go for consumable supplies or the best places to find employees. Adding to this dilemma, as a startup, you rarely have a lot of excess cash floating around where you can just ask someone.

You are in business because of a passion. You aren’t in business because you love the search for suppliers. Your background didn’t prepare you for the variety of questions that face you.

So what happens? Quite often time is spent chasing answers. This isn’t what the owner wants to do nor does it use the skills and abilities they bring to the table.

So what can be done? The answer is simple. George Johnson, owner of George Paul’s Vinegar, offers it in this short video. Ask for advice and help. George notes that there are agencies available to help answer questions such as Cooperative Extension, Small Business Administration, and SCORE. He notes that these resources are mostly free.

Getting help can be done with networking and engaging with other business owners and with agencies and individuals focused on helping small business owners. If you need help, take the first step – ASK!!

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About Glenn Muske

Glenn Muske is the Rural and Agribusiness Enterprise Development Specialist at the North Dakota State University Extension Service – Center for Community Vitality.

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