Independents Week toolkit for US business

July 1-7, 2014, will be Independents Week, “to engage your local independent businesses and community members in celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurism and community.”

Celebrate your independents!

Put some fireworks in your Independents Week.

Independents Week is sponsored by the AMIBA. The American Independent Business Alliance is a non-profit organization helping communities sustain their local independent businesses and keep opportunities alive for local entrepreneurs.

Notice that this event is focused on independent businesses, not just small businesses. Graphics, activity ideas, and checklists are made available online, at no cost. Past participants include big cities and small towns: Durango, CO; Dormont, PA; Austin, TX; St. Petersburg, FL; Springfield, IL; Albuquerque, NM; and Omaha, NE.

Ideas for events include things small towns could pull of easily:

  • a street dance,
  • food events,
  • a bicycle tour of businesses,
  • sidewalk art, or
  • a kick off sale.

In-store promotion event suggestions were local musicians, balloons, local food samples, crafts for kids, sales on locally produced items, and cooperative events with more than one business.

More ideas: 

Include Independents Week in your social media activity, advertising, and in-store displays.

Create a cross-display with another independent business: you put some of their items in your window, and they show yours.

On your blog or Facebook page, invite locals to share their own story of how an independent business went out of the way to help them.

Post photos of other local independent businesses on your Twitter or Instagram account and add their stories in the captions.

Put news of the local events as an update on your Yelp or Google Local Page.

Get your toolkit for Independents Week at AMIBA

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