Everyone likes to check out the good news in the Brag Basket

Basket with lizard inside.

Absolutely everyone loves to check out the good news in the Brag Basket, even this lizard. Photo by JCBonBon on Flickr.

The Brag Basket is open! This one is for May 16-18, 2014

What can you do in the Brag Basket?

  • introduce yourself
  • share some great news from this week
  • congratulate a friend
  • applaud for each other
  • confess your undying love for rural places

How do you join in?

  • Below this post is the comment section. Add your brag there.
  • If you are reading this by email, just reply to the email with your brag. I’ll add it to the comments.

Don’t like to brag? Just share some good news for yourself or a friend.

Do you have to be from a small town? Well, no, not really. Just don’t make it an ad. I delete the ads that people stick in here. If you talk more about the people involved than the things, you’ll be fine.

It’s a conversation with friends. So jump in. And remember to cheer for each other.

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  1. Clark Hoskin says

    Thanks for this opportunity. I wanted to share info about “Tweet Folk Tours”, a new grass-roots group of social media buffs in Norfolk County who are breaking new ground. Kudos to Gregg McLachlan of Work Cabin Communications of Norfolk County for leading the charge.

    Tweet Folks Tours is a twitter group that visits local businesses and tourist attractions. The participants tweet about the experience while they are there. There is also a social aspect to it, and it’s a learning environment.

    For people who want to become more proficient in social media but are too afraid to venture solo, the Tweet Folk Tour events offer an informal, social setting that is not intimidating.

    For more info on this initiative, visit http://www.norfolktourism.ca/tweet-folk-tours/.

    • says

      Hiya, Clark! I’ve been seeing Norfolk folk talk about Tweet Folk Tours, but I had missed what an important and smart project it is. Congratulations to Gregg and everyone making this meaningful change.

      • Clark says

        Thanks Becky. I failed to acknowledge Mike McArthur and Amy Van Kessel who co-founded Tweet Folk Tours with Gregg. Thanks for following us and your ongoing encouragement!

  2. Anne Boothe says

    I’ve been a “Becky follower” for several years now and this is my first post in the Brag Basket but just had to let everyone know that we’re working really hard in rural Montana to connect jobs to broadband. There certainly is a Rural Advantage – check out the great businesses in this new video.


    • says

      Yay, Anne! Thanks for jumping into the Brag Basket! Terrific video, with a message you know I love: there is something special about living in a rural place and it’s a great place to build a business.

  3. Lisa Pitts says

    Just recently made a quick visit to Alva, OK. Although we didn’t have a chance to make it to the downtown square, it was nice to see the growth on the east side of the community.

    • says

      Lisa, yeah, I’d like to have seen Alva’s leaders be a little smarter about density versus sprawl, I’m still happy Alva is experiencing the temporary benefits of the boom.