Break Time

Power of Business inviitation Conference and meeting attendees know that the a lot of the most useful information is gathered during the breaks. This same idea is why people gather at the coffee shop in the morning.

It is the informal times, when we take a few minutes to slow down and connect with others, where we often get answers to our questions and/or build our store of ideas and potential connections. A number of authors have reported on how valuable and important the informal network is to the success of a business. Such networks are built slowly and over time. Successful networkers report that it is also impossible to know when the best connections will be made.  With that in mind, these people comment that they take every opportunity they can to attend as many events as possible.

Yet small business owners, especially those in rural areas, report they have little time to attend and fewer such opportunities in their local area. They can attend meetings further away but then it takes more time away from the business to make that happen. Such meetings create a hardship when trying to build a business.

Power of Business is offering the First Friday chat series designed with these real-world concerns in mind. What you get are: 1. short (15 minute) chats with business owners focused on providing 2 useful tips and information; and 2. the chance to connect with others and ask questions.

So take a break this Friday, grab a cup of coffee and join your fellow business owners at 11:15 CT and build your business. Registration is requested to help us know you, our audience, better. Go to: to register.

About Glenn Muske

Glenn Muske is the Rural and Agribusiness Enterprise Development Specialist at the North Dakota State University Extension Service – Center for Community Vitality.

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