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Michael Shuman

Michael Shuman Interview

Economist and Author Michael Shuman knows a heck of a lot about why we have a local movement. He’s also the author of the books Small Mart Revolution and Local Dollars, Local Sense.

In this interview, he goes all economist on durable and nondurable goods right at the start, but hang on, because we move right on to small towns, the return of local manufacturing and the resurgence of local retail, local foods, and why price is not enough to win. What is? Michael tells us. We brainstorm a little about how small town businesses could reach out regionally. We also are pretty harsh on old-style “attraction and retention” economic development.

You can find Michael’s writings and sign up for his e-newsletter here: Be sure to check out his 24 Top Tools for Local Investing (PDF).

Why this podcast exists

If you’re “just a business owner” or “just” someone in a small town, you often feel like you’re the only one. Either the only one with a positive outlook or the only one who is trying to create change. The whole point of this podcast is to bring all of us together. You are not alone.

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