Mack Collier makes the most of being online

Mack Collier wearing a cowboy hat

Mack Collier Interview

Mack Collier leads the highly influential weekly #blogchat, publishes the most popular discussions of social media for business pricing, and leads corporations and businesses of all size to be more social and better serve customers. He’s also the author of Think Like a Rock Star, and he’s based in a rural area of Alabama.

Mack doesn’t let the lack of decent broadband stop him. He doesn’t try to hide his accent or play down his rural roots. He is who he is.

Mack and I have been online friends for quite a while, and we’ve been fortunate to meet in person at South by Southwest and other places. He’s like many other rural people who’ve become well-known; he’s genuine, kind and very capable.

Catch up with Mack’s writings, #blogchat and his speaking here:

Photo of Mack (CC) by Matt Dickman on Flickr. 

Why this podcast exists

If you’re “just a business owner” or “just” someone in a small town, you often feel like you’re the only one. Either the only one with a positive outlook or the only one who is trying to create change. The whole point of this podcast is to bring all of us together. You are not alone.

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Becky started Small Biz Survival in 2006 to share rural business and community building stories and ideas with other small town business people. She and her husband own a retail liquor store in Alva, Oklahoma, and a small cattle ranch nearby. Becky is an international speaker on small business.

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