IRS? There’s an app for that

Phone with IRS2GO app

Image courtesy of Internal Revenue Service

Waiting on an income tax refund? Wondering about the status of your tax return? The IRS has an app for that, IRS2Go.

In fact, the IRS has had an app since 2011, and the new version 4.0 is now available in both English and Spanish, for iPhone and Android.

Refund status info is updated daily, not minute-by-minute like package tracking. The app can also point you to free tax assistance programs in your area.

Intriguingly, you can use the app to request that your tax account or tax return transcript be sent to you by postal mail.

Maesz is Glenna Mae Hendricks, our IRS and tax matters expert. She has over 20 years experience as an income tax preparer and is a Enrolled Agent.

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