Donna Maria and I get mean about rural solutions

Donna Maria Interview

Donna Maria is one of those people who just makes me happy. She’s a practical business owner, she’s a mentor to others, and she knows that it’s up to us to create our own future.  

Donna Maria

Donna Maria says you should make a list of all the reasons why you can’t, then set that list aside and start working on how you can. (And yes, we shot the interview right after Christmas.)


Donna Maria saw a recent news story with yet another negative view of rural that stopped just short of the solutions. She mentioned it to me, we talked, and we both knew this conversation deserved to be shared. So she and I are talking about taking charge of your future, finding solutions to the common small town problems, and setting aside that list of reasons why you can’t. 

You can also watch a video of our interview 

Find Donna Maria at and on Twitter as @donnamaria

Why this podcast exists

If you’re “just a business owner” or “just” someone in a small town, you often feel like you’re the only one. Either the only one with a positive outlook or the only one who is trying to create change. The whole point of this podcast is to bring all of us together. You are not alone.

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About Becky McCray

Becky started Small Biz Survival in 2006 to share rural business and community building stories and ideas with other small town business people. She and her husband own a retail liquor store in Alva, Oklahoma, and a small cattle ranch nearby. Becky is an international speaker on small business.

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