Shift Your Shopping campaign is perfect for small towns

The “shop local, shop independent” message is starting to get through. More shoppers say they prefer small local stores over big boxes, according to the Deluxe Annual Holiday Shopping Survey.

What can a small town do to keep the momentum alive through the last of the holiday shopping season? Join with other small towns and local organizations in Shift Your Shopping.

Shift Your Shopping  provides both physical materials you can order and downloadable information you can put to work immediately.

  • Print the downloadable poster for your store.
  • Use the Shift Your Shopping Logo in your ads and online.
  • Put the audio PSAs on your local radio station. (You can pay the station and make them ads.)
  • Join the Shift Your Shopping for Good campaign to donate a percentage to the charity of the shopper’s choice. Use the campy Kevin Bacon video to promote it.
  • Get your chamber or other local organization involved. Not gonna happen? Grab one other local business owner, and get involved together.


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  1. Ivan Widjaya says

    This is a really nice campaign. This will help build small businesses in the community and can even help power the economy. There really are some benefits in helping small businesses. You don’t only get unique items but the service is usually better.

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