AUDIO: Joel Bennett brings co-working to his rural town

Joel Bennett

Joel Bennett

Joel Bennett Interview

Joel Bennett of Pella, Iowa, helped pioneer a co-working space in his town, called Veel Hoeden (“Many Hats”). It has grown from just 4 offices to 9 offices plus space for more people who just drop in with a laptop. It has supported existing entrepreneurs, and it’s helped create new entrepreneurial ventures. The connections formed in co-working have helped fulfill the promise of broadband: you can build a business from anywhere with a laptop. Joel also shares what made him move back to Pella and how important it is to welcome new residents.

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Why this podcast exists

If you’re “just a business owner” or “just” someone in a small town, you often feel like you’re the only one. Either the only one with a positive outlook or the only one who is trying to create change. The whole point of this podcast is to bring all of us together. You are not alone.

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