Weave your good news story in the Brag Basket

The Brag Basket is our tradition of sharing. The basket is always free and open all weekend, this one Feb 8-10, 2013. What good news will you add to the brag basket?

three tone basket weave texture
Basket photo (CC) by Abby lanes.

Don’t hold back because of that word, “brag.” When you hold back, you hide your good news and accomplishments that might inspire others. Even though I call this the Brag Basket, it’s not really about bragging. It’s about sharing.

What can you do in the Brag Basket?

  • introduce yourself
  • share some great news from this week
  • congratulate a friend
  • laugh about something wonderful that you tried that failed
  • applaud for each other

Speak up and add yourself or another deserving soul in the comments. It lets you meet each other a bit. Reading each others’ stories brings us a bit closer to being a community.

How does it work? You write a comment on this post. We all cheer, and everyone feels great.

This is not an ad. (I delete the ads.) If you talk more about the people involved than the things, you’ll be fine.

It’s a conversation with friends. So jump in. And remember to cheer for each other.

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  1. says

    I just found your blog, apparently soon after this was posted since there are no comments yet. I guess I’ll go first. My brag for the week is that we announced the launch event for our kickstarter campaign that kicks off in three weeks. We’ve had awesome response and support so far, so I’m feeling really good about the campaign! Am I allowed to say what my company is? I guess i’ll risk deletion: facebook.com/knottytie

    • says

      Welcome, Mark! You’re always welcome to mention your company. The guideline is: talk mostly about the people. I’m proud for you, and good luck!

  2. says

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    I’d like to brag about a friend I really respect and like. She is one of the most intelligent and no-bs business owners I know. Keen on what makes business work (hint, it’s customers and income producing activities) and story-telling. I always smile when we talk, tweet, or otherwise share in a discussion. While we don’t see each other often, I always think of her as a friend. Thanks Becky! I’m talking about you! Have a great week!

  4. says

    Great Site Becky!
    I’ve been trolling your site for about an hour now after finding it #14 in the top 100 small business blogs. What an accomplishment! I too am a blogger along with a colleague and we just started our site at the end of 2012. As I’m sure you remember, the beginning is the toughest part. Well back to trolling your site. I’ve read a lot of great stuff and it’s appreciated.