Make your destination website copy-proof

Our friend Heather Thomas of Destin Florida Boat Rentals has been looking for ways to make her website “copy-proof.” See, other boat rental companies can say they offer the same services or the same tours, but of course it isn’t the same. How could she better show off her uncopy-able qualities?

How can you add things to your destination website
that no competitor can copy? 

She started with testimonials, because we all tend to believe the word of mouth of people like us much more than we believe any marketing message.

I suggested a few other things that no one can copy:

  • Photos of happy guests in front of her logo or sign
  • Tweets from happy customers (favorite them, and then install a Twitter widget featuring your favorites)
  • Photos and posts on guests’ Facebook profiles

Videos are one of Heather’s specialties, so I encouraged her to do more!

One cool way to get customers to post photos is with a tool like a Fan Cam. We had one provided for the Small Town 140 Characters Conference, and people had a lot of fun posting photos to Facebook from it.

How could you create content for your destination website that no one could copy?

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