A Halloween Brag Basket

Even though I call this the Brag Basket, it’s not really about bragging. It’s about sharing. I started this so you can introduce yourself, share some good news, or congratulate a friend.

The basket is open all weekend, from October 29-31, 2010.

Speak up and add yourself or another deserving soul in the comments. We all cheer, and everyone feels great. It lets you meet each other a bit. Reading each others’ stories brings us a bit closer to being a community.

How does it work? You write a comment on this post, email me, tweet me, or comment on Facebook. You tell something great about your week, or you give applause to someone who did good stuff this week. Or you celebrate something wonderful that you tried that failed.

This is not an ad. (I delete the ads.) It’s a conversation with friends. So jump in. And remember to cheer for each other.

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    I’m trying to do at least one thing each day to grow my business. It doesn’t have to be big, it can be a Facebook update or a tweet, but this week I printed off a bunch of 2 for 1 certificates and have bundled them in 10s. I’m giving them to our best customers as a thank you, but also as an invitation for them to pass them on to someone who may not have been in to our restaurant. I imagine a bunch of them will never see the light of day again, buried in a purse or in a fat wallet, but there’s a chance we can win over a few new customers this way. Wish us luck!

  2. says

    Jessica, that is a terrific idea! You’re rewarding your best fans, and bringing in new people. Good work! Come back and let us know how many people redeem them.

  3. says

    Hey Becky, I’m proud of my little town of Dunlap, Iowa for once again encouraging folks to have fun at the annual Halloween “Ride Around Town” (RAT). It started as a Bike Ride Around Town (BRAT). This year they still are riding bikes but have also added a hay rack ride for those who prefer less strenuous rides. The group meets at a downtown establishment in costume, rides around town to three or four locations for munchies, then ends up at the Halloween party for the evening. Costumed revelers on bikes make for a hilarious spectacle that builds on itself and brings folks out for some “down home fun”.