You are invited to join the Brag Basket

It’s Friday, and that means the Brag Basket is open for the weekend.

This is where you can share your projects and accomplishments. You can also cheer for other people, give shout outs, congratulate, and even give someone a well-deserved pat on the back.

The Brag Basket is open for everyone, whether from a small town, a big city, or anywhere in the world. (But it’s true that I love small town brags!)

Will you put something in the Brag Basket this week? You can brag on a friend, your own project, yourself, others, anything! Make it personal, and not just an ad. You don’t need special permission, and you don’t have to be from a small town. Just leave a comment right here. There’s no deadline, so you can brag anytime during the weekend, and I’ll open a fresh Brag Basket each Friday.

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  1. says

    It’s Friday again! Yippee! Yahoo! Yehey!

    As of Tuesday, I’m officially resigned. Here in the Philippines, we have to serve for 30 days (I even signed a 60-day notice). I’m so relieved they approved my request for immediate resignation. My knee injury must be a blessing in disguise after all!

    It’s so uplifting to finally find the balls and walk away from the company I served for 6 years for deemed financial stability. I’m looking forward to recover fully and start chasing my dreams!

    I’m also reading a book that aids me in my growth and healing. Never felt this powerful before.

    Finally, I had a Eureka moment involving my postcard collection and my marketing campaign. I was like, why haven’t I thought of that before?

    Looking forward to hear from the others. :)

  2. says

    Lornadahl, congratulations! So glad to hear about your continuing progress. I love those Eureka moments!

    Corinne left this comment over on a past brag basket, but I wanted to bring it forward:
    “A wonderful love story from a small town in Illinois.
    Miracle in a Small Town

    And Robert Hruzek tweeted his brag:
    “Hey, I have one for ya: the new Book!

  3. says

    Dear Becky –

    i share your enthusiasm for small town life so I do write about my son’s little town now and then.

    I grew up in a small town, by the way.

    MIRACLE IN A SMALL TOWN is a new post. This all happened right after the July 4th weekend this year.

    i don’t think I put it in your wonderful brag basket before. (Unless I am losing my mind – which is entirely possible!)

    But thanks for featuring it. We need to spread the good news – that no one else recognizes as news!

    So glad you liked it. It still brings tears to my eyes.

  4. says

    This is my first time coming to the blog and learning about the brag basket! Love it :-) Congrats to everyone on their successes this week.

    I am ALMOST finished a big media project that I’m project manager on, I completed the renovation of my condo, and I got a lot of business prospects this week. I would like to give a shoutout to my little sister who started her first business and made sales in her first week. Woohoo!

  5. says

    I’m new to posting here, but just had to share what Twitter did for me this week. I have a new ad agency in central WV, so finding partners to help with certain projects can be difficult. I was looking for someone to help me produce radio and TV commercials for a couple of new clients. I thought I had a partner secured from the same small town, but when I got his prices, they were outragous and the product was not the quality I wanted for my clients.

    So, I got on Twitter and asked for referrals. In the same day, I received one for a gentleman in Charleston, WV to produce my radio spots. Called him on the phone and he is awesome with decades of experience, and better yet, prices that my small buisness clients can afford. Now I can hit the ground running for my clients.

    I live in a town with <500 population, and my county and surrounding counties are very small. I'm excited at the growth I've seen in just 7 short months and the willingness of small businesses to advertise. My website is Let me know how you think I’m doing so far. Suggestions, recommendations and advise from others are always appreciated and taken seriously.

    Thanks for letting me share this accomplishment.

  6. says

    Lornadahl, thanks for cheering! :)

    KTC, welcome. I love getting great recommendations through Twitter. It has worked very well for me several times. And congratulations on your first 7 months of growth!