Brag Basket is open all weekend

Each Friday, I open the Brag Basket for the weekend. It’s designed as a fun place for you to share your projects and accomplishments. But you can also cheer for other people, give shout outs, congratulate, and even give someone a well-deserved pat on the back.

Think that bragging is a bad thing? Read how Tony explains the Brag Basket.

The Brag Basket is open for everyone, whether from a small town, a big city, or anywhere in the world. (But it’s true that I love small town brags!)

Will you put something in the Brag Basket this week? You can brag on a friend, your own project, yourself, others, anything! Make it personal, and not just an ad. You don’t need special permission, and you don’t have to be from a small town. Just leave a comment right here. There’s no deadline, so you can brag anytime during the weekend, and I’ll open a fresh Brag Basket each Friday.

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  1. says

    I couldn’t resist the comment from Shashi B on Twitter:
    “Another installment of the dream come true – I was on @kristinfisher ‘s “Your Stories” Episode on WUSA9 today , What a great day ! Thank you”

    Congrats, Shashi!

  2. says

    I’d love to brag on spring – there are the most brilliant shades of green in our neck of suburbia than I ever remember seeing before.

  3. says

    Paul, what a wonderful observation! Thank you.

    Another brag came in by email:
    I am not sure how to send something for your Brag Basket, but here is one for our Town. Recently, we (Kerry Ford and I) discussed how our town needed a logo. So, I did some research and played around with ideas, then found something that seemed to fit. I asked one of our trustees (inmate) to use his artistic skill to draw a Wisteria in a circle. After he completed this, I scanned it and did some fine tuning, adding the lettering and came up with a logo. This was then presented to our Town Council Meeting last month, and they adopted our new logo.. Next, I need to convince them to use the logo on new signs, etc. A picture of our logo is attached.

    Sherry Miller
    Encumbrance Clerk
    Town of Wister, Oklahoma

    Thank you so much, Sherry! And congratulations on a great logo! I’ve uploaded it to Flickr, so we can share your work:
    Town of Wister

  4. says

    Another Tweet brag, this one from @kbadinger:
    “My huge brag this week is FINALLY getting 50 reg users to my site. Never would have thought it was huge 4 mths ago”

    Congrats, @kbadinger!

  5. says

    I want to brag on my Perceptive Travel editor Tim Leffel, who finally decided that being more active on Twitter isn’t a total waste of his time. :)

    He’s a super-smart, “show me the money” travel writer with great focus, an entrepreneurial spirit and NO interest in the latest shiny object unless results can be measured in some way.

    Having him on Twitter is testament to a changing Web world (and I’d like to think it’s somewhat due to my pestering.)


    Thanks, Becky!

  6. says

    For our Friday brag we are proud to say we were selected Retailer of the Year by the Chicago Market. Considering we are just one year old, and in a tiny, Texas town, Twitter has made us as close as the store next door! Our blog is now average 40 visits a day and our website upgrades in the next week. We are moving along.

    Thanks, The Silver Barn